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Coffee beans… It needs a whole process to get it from a plant to your cup. And that’s exactly what our passion is about. Every day we make sure you’re getting the best quality coffee. Our baristas are specially trained to learn how coffee works; what the right temperature for the water is, how many seconds it needs to extract, what the correct dose is for every different kind of coffee and so much more. Because coffee, is not just any coffee.

Daily we provide a range of beautifully brewed coffee that appeals to every taste, from a bold and rich latte to a crisp and dark espresso. Drop by at our cafe for a chat and a brew in our warm and atmospheric Koffiespot.

Our favourite beans:

Brazil - Fazenda Passeio (natural) ESPRESSO

Smooth, dark choc, walnut

Colombia, Huila - La Victoria (Washed) ESPRESSO

Brown sugar, red fruits – coming soon

Brazil - Fazenda Klem (Washed) (Organic) ESPRESSO

Toffee, tangerine, walnut – coming soon

Colombia - Finca Las Delicias (Washed) ESPRESSO/FILTER

Lemon, orange, black tea

Ethiopia - Suke Quto (Washed) ESPRESSO

Milk chocolate, citrus, peach

Guatemala - Finca El Zapote (Washed)

Dark Red Fruits , caramel – almost gone

The milk we use is not just any milk. The Queen Holstein Cow comes from a little Dutch farm. The farmer has a special place in his heart for his cows and treats them very well. You’ll taste this love in the creamy full flavoured milk the cows produce.

Of course, we offer different kinds of non-diary milk like our vegan Bonsoy soy milk from Japan, coconut and oat milk.